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Kinga Jaczewska (Warsaw, PL) is Antwerp based artist.

Trained as a dancer and choreographer, Jaczewska’s work examines various logics and mechanisms of visibility while focusing on that which appears to be rendered invisible. Through her work and via different mediums, she investigates the relationship between event and non-event with an intention to bring focus to the overlooked spaces between the attention catching events and to continuity they often carry within..


By exposing presences and movements hidden besides such focal points, Jaczewska looks for ways to make the Non-Event visible.

'how to bring focus to the 'in between' without turning in into an event?' is a main question behind Kinga's research and practice. 


Jaczewska's work includes performance, video work, installation as well as text and work on paper and photography.

In October 2022 Jaczewska was awarded de PrixFintroPrijs, Belgian price supporting young artists. 

 © Meanwhile, Kinga Jaczewska,  
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