© Kinga Jaczewska, Meanwhile 

Kinga Jaczewska (Warsaw, PL) is Antwerp based artist.

Trained as a dancer and choreographer, Jaczewska’s work examines the relation between movement and perception of time. Fascinated by the idea that everything is in constant flux and transformation, she aims to capture and to expose continuous motions whose existence does not depend on a presence of a viewer - motions which continue even when unobserved.  

With her work Jaczewska tries to bring focus to the overlooked spaces between the attention catching events. By exposing movements at all time present besides such events, Jaczewska wants to bring visibility to the Non-Event time - time which, not raptured by the multiplicity of short lasting and vibrant presences could reveal rhythms different to those of the production-oriented regime. 


Kinga's work includes performance, video work, installation as well as text and work on paper and photography.