© Kinga Jaczewska, Meanwhile 

The starting point of Kinga's research and work is movement.


Fascinated by the idea that everything is in constant flux and transformation, Kinga has been exploring movements that exist without prior organisation or choreography and whose existence or activation do not depend on viewer's gaze - movements which continue even when unobserved. Kinga is mainly triggered by calm and imperturbable motions that flow independently to the artificially structured and accelerating time .  


Through the language of movement Kinga wants to catch and physicalise alternative ways in which we can experience and direct our own time instead of being directed by it. 

With her propositions Kinga wants to expose that what happens between commonly recognised focal points. 

By directing our attention to the overlooked spaces between them she attempts, even if only momentarily, to bring focus to imperceptible moments that take place beside the attention catching events.  


Trained as a dancer and choreographer, Kinga has been experimenting with other to dance, forms and possibilities of working with movement. Up until now her research includes forms such performance, video work, installation as well as text and work on paper.