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Kinga Jaczewska


wannes cre portrait.jpg

photo: Wannes Cré 



current: Feb-Jun 2022: Research and Development residency MORPHO/Studio Start Antwerpen.


2012- 2014   P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) Research Cycle.  

2009-2012    BPA (Hons) Contemporary Dance at Northern School Contemporary Dance (UK). 

2008-2009   Centre for Advanced Training Program at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place). 


Most recent Artistic Residencies and Exchanges:


May 2022:  De Werfplaats - artist exchange organized by the festival Cement (NL)

January - June 2022: development residency at MORPHO vzw. Antwerp

Own choreographic work: 


2021:     'Gabriel' commissioned by Champdaction

2020/21'Time It Takes' solo performance

2018:     'Hands' created for an opening of NONA Cultural Center, Mechelen, (BE). 

2018:     'Meanwhile' installation for moving objects. Buda, Kortrijk (BE) and Brakke Grond, Amsterdam 'NL)

2017:     'GREY', Bouge B festival, DeSingel, Antwerpen (BE). 

2015:     'CONSTANT AUDIENCE’ choreography for a theatre play by Zarah Bracht, Amsterdam (NL). 

2013      'Embarrassed Ode to The Sensitive Element’ co-created with Alexandra Dolgova (BE). 

2013:     'Performances of a landscape', Toubab Dialaw, Senegal (SE). 


Video work: 


2019: "but to emigrate (...)" John Berger

2018: 'ballroom' 

2018: 'group piece' 

2016: 'catching movement' 

2015: ‘continuum’ 


Performing work/interpreter: 


2022:     'WEG' by Ayelen Parolin (Belgian and international tour)

2021:     'Time It takes' at The Image Generator 2021 (Antwerp)

2021:     'Based on true story' by Marc Vanrunxt for The Image Generator 2021 (Antwerp)

2021:     'I remember' theater performance by Playfield Collectieve. (Antwerp and Utrecht)

2019:     'WEG' by Ayelen Parolin. (International tour)

2018:     'Autoctonos II’ by Ayelen Parolin, Freiburg Theater (DE). 

2018:     'Olympia’ by Rachel Monosov, Berlin, ACUD gallery (DE). 

2017:     'Traces' by Rosa Omarsdottir, premiered at Beursschouwburg (BE) (tour continues). 

2017:     'Space intended for rest and pleasure' with Rachel Monosov, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens (BE). 

2017:     'La Democrazia in America' by Romeo Castellucci, DeSingel, Antwerp (BE). 

2016:     'Cosi fan Tutte' - Creation with Rosas /Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, for Opera de Paris, (FR). 

2016:     'The Stranger Question' multidisciplinary performance on hospitality, Leipzig, LOFFT (DE). 

2016:     'Inter – view' by Benjamin Vandewalle, Brussels (BE). 

2015:     'SATURN’ by Karl Van Welden, Halden, (NO) (tour continues). 

2015:     ‘ZERO’ theater collaboration with Teatr Novogo Fronta, Prague, (CZ/PL/SK). 


'episodes' - written work :   


2022:   'Letter from the bitter side (with an invitation for a bowl of soup)'

2021:   'An Ode To Red'

2020:   '?'

2020:   'kwarantanna/dzien osmy' (PL)

2020:   'on future'

2019:   'momenty' (PL)

2018:   'project life'  

2017:   'home is where you pay to stay'  

2016:   'daily consumption'  

2015:   'When to do a backbend and when to walk away?' 

2015:   'The Episode' 



Published Interviews:   


2021:   Interview with Thomas Verstraeten.

2020:   Interview with Michiel Vandevelvde.

2019:   Interview with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker published by The Young Ones. DeSingel (BE)  

2018:   Interview with BOG. theater collective published by The Young Ones. DeSingel (BE)  

2018:   Interview with Meg Stuart published by Damaged Goods and The Young Ones. DeSingel (BE) 

2017:   Interview with Tim Etchells published by The Young Ones. DeSingel (BE) 

2016:   Interview with Jan Martens published by The Young Ones. DeSingel (BE). 

2016:   Interview with Daniel Linehan published by The Young Ones. DeSingel (BE). 

2015:   Interview with William Kentridge written for Anna Luyten/De Standaard. (BE). 

2015:   Interview with Manu Riche written for Anna Luyten/Kunstenfestivaldesarts. (BE). 


most recent work presentations: 


2022: 'Gabriel', Nona Kunstencentrum Mechelen, 22/4/2022 (CANCELLED)

2022: 'Time It Takes' Beyond The Black Box festivel, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam. CANCELLED.


Past work presentations


2021: 'Time It Takes' Nona Kunstencentrum Mechelen and The Image Generator Antwerpen.

2021: 'Gabriel' Champdaction Time Canvas festival at DeSingel, Antwerpen. 

2021: 'Time It Takes' Bits of dance festival, Brugge. 

2020: 'catching movements' video, 'Oooh' group expo at Z33 (Hasselt, BE) and Netwerk Aalst (Aalst, BE)

2019: ‘hands’, NONA Kunstencentrum, Mechelen (BE). 

2018: ‘Meanwhile’ presentation of work in progress, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) 

2018: ‘catching movement’ and ‘group piece’ at CfCA (contemporary art centre) Laznia, Gdansk (PL). 

2017: ‘GREY’, Bouge B festival, DeSingel, Antwerpen. 

2016: ‘continuum’ and ‘catching movement’, Villanova Festival, De Studio, Antwerpen (BE).  

2015: ‘Constant Audience’, ATD, Amsterdam (NL). 

2013: ‘Embarrassed Ode to the Sensitive Element’, P.A.R.T.S performances, Brussels (BE).  

2013: ‘Performances of a landscape’, Ecole des Sables and P.A.R.T.S, Toubab Dialew, Senegal. 

Teaching and production experience:



since 2021 - Royal Conservatory Antwerp mentor and a docent for Site Specific Solos. (Be, Antwerp)

since 2017 - Summer Studios at P.A.R.T.S artistic coordinator. (BE, Brussels)

since 2019 - Summer School at P.A.R.T.S. - coordinator. (BE, Brussels)

Prices and Press


October 2022: Laureate of de PrixFintroPrijs, Supporting Young Artists, 

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