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Dry Dances (practice) was thought of as a method to generate physical material for Jaczewska's upcoming performance BRUT. 


While researching brutalism as architectural genre, she created a series of drawings based on the work of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier which with Dry Dances she approaches as choreographic scores. As an additional layer to the physical translation of the scores, Dry Dances attempt to explore Le Corbusier’s own devised system of measurements and proportions: The Modular. With its ambition to reconcile maths, the human form, architecture and beauty into a single system, the Modular placed a 183 cm tall, attractive male body at the centre of all architectural compositions of Le Corbusier in order to achieve harmony. While introducing this system, Le Corbusier consciously excluded measurements of female and children’s bodies as he considered them to be a source of disproportion and disharmony.

The lack of space for the female body in the architecture of Le Corbusier  as well as the inconsideration of the motherly inside of it, is what triggered Jaczewska to look into The Modular. 

Dry Dances practice (based on selection of drawings) was shared on The Image Generator festival/ September 2023/ Antwerp

presented by Maisie Woodford and Anne - Lene Noldner.

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(poster by Olesia Bachynska)


selected drawings


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