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 © michaël smits

Inspired by Butoh and Dance of Darkness. By modern dance pioneers such as Mary Wigman and Pola Nirenska. Fed by the process of grief - 'Gabriel' is a short solo work created by Kinga Jaczewska with which, by allowing the inner to speak, she tries to release the body from the rigorous and the rational. Turning towards emotion, expression and intuition, Gabriel' is also a response to Jaczewska's journey through mourning and personal loss.

premiere, 26/03/2021 Antwerpen,   performance and video work duration 17 min,  choreography concept and performance:  kinga jaczewska,   music:  raphael malfliet,  headpiece: angela verstraeten / 

/ commissioned and produced by Chamdaction / co-produced by DeSingel  / photos: michael smith   video: deSingel

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