Meanwhile. video installation. 

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 © Kinga Jaczewska

"The moment does not represent, it only is a reminder that 'there is' something even before that which has any significations (…) it has nothing to communicate, it shines in its pure presence... "

From 'The Scent of Time' by  Byung-Chul Han 


'Meanwhile' is a (video) installation for floating objects where Meantime – time with no significant meaning to itself, seen barely as a connecting tissue between more defined times and events, is the main focus. Working with movement as her main material, with 'Meanwhile' Kinga wants to access and physicalise the hovering time which flows independently to our clocks time so to speak, calmly and nonchalantly. 

With ‘Meanwhile’ Kinga wonders whether exposure of continuous motions which are at all times present around us but which get so often overlooked, could influence our perception of time and space - whether it could amplify our experience of it.

'ballroom' (video work)


meanwhile at Brakke Grond_
meanwhile at Brakke Grond_
Meanwhile installation at Brakke Grond 2018.  © Kinga Jaczewska