© Kinga Jaczewska

     © Kinga Jaczewska

    Meanwhile. interactive video installation


    "The moment does not represent, it only is a reminder that 'there is' something even before that which has any significations (…) it has nothing to communicate, it shines in its pure presence... "

    From 'The Scent of Time' by  Byung-Chul Han 

    'Meanwhile' is a (video) installation for floating sculptures where Meantime – time with no significant meaning to itself, seen barely as a connecting tissue between more defined times and events, is the main focus. Highly sensitive to motion, transparent objects illuminate the invisible to human eye air currents as well as  choreographies created between them and in relation to the viewer. 

    With ‘Meanwhile’ Kinga wonders whether such exposure can influence our perception of time and space, whether it can amplify our experience of them. 'Meanwhile' is an attempt to expose and therefore physicalise the hovering time which moves independently to the clock ordered time. 

    This work is being created in a very close collaboration with Rosemarie Allaert.

    In conversation with Wannes Cre (NL):


    Text written in relation to 'Meanwhile': 

    Meanwhile at Brakke Grond 2018.  © Kinga Jaczewska