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Performances of a landscape (Senegal)

parts senegal feb 2013 - 057.jpg
parts senegal feb 2013 - 056.jpg
parts senegal feb 2013 - 055.jpg

photo Bart Grietens. 


Performances of a landscape. (Senegal). 

In the live versions, these still frames convey simple situations; micro performances of landscape and its activities highlighted by the presence of performers.  By working with already existing elements (landscapes,) and by offering new perspective on them, the work accentuates and stretches, in time and space, temporalities observed by the audience.  

The work is fully depended on a given landscape and it is to be reworked for each location. 

Concept: Kinga Jaczewska. 

Performers and co-creators: Jason Respilieux, Jared Onyango, Manuela Aranguibel Molano, Marcel Gbeffa, Kinga Jaczewska  

Created in a frame of an exchange between P.A.R.T.S and Ecole des Sables, Senegal 2013

photo Bart Grietens. 

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